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HXEN Project on

By March 29, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

The Hosted Xen project (HXEN) in is currently looking for new developers to take part in future efforts such as the Linux port. The source and binaries for the Windows and Mac OSX version are currently available and are working fine for many users. I have spoken to the two developers who worked on the existing HXEN implementations but have now moved on to other work and thus HXEN is looking for new developers to join the fun.
Here are some possible areas of work:

  • Linux Port of HXEN
  • Update MacOSX to latest operating system release
  • Update Windows to latest operating system release
  • GUI Install

If you are interested in working on HXEN, please contact me over the next few weeks as I will gather the interested developers for a kick-off event (email, meeting, ?) where we can get HXEN development under way in an optimized manner.