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Q1 Project Golden Ratio Statistics for

By April 2, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

Xen folks…
I have completed the statistic gathering and analysis for in Q1. The pdf of the data with January, February, and March results is here. Here are some data highlights for Q1:

  • Web Hits on over 75,000 for each month with a spike in March
  • XCP Home page moved to #5 most viewed page in February and is showing stability in that slot
  • Blog – Consistent increase in readership from 17,564 views per month in January to 21,505 views in March
  • Solution Search Tool – Provides consistent exposure for companies listed (over 3500 hits a month); about 20% of web hits go on to the company’s website
  • Xen-Users – Seeing about 85% of all questions (on average) answered
  • Social Networking – Facebook and LinkedIn show continued growth month over month

As this is the first full quarter of data, I will be interested to see what Q2 2010 looks like. If you have any ideas on data I should collect or are a Twitter expert who can help me find a good statistics tool, please let me know.