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Appliance for web management of XCP and XenServer VMs

By April 9, 2010March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

The open source xvp project has for the last year provided a set of tools for managing Xen Cloud Platform and XenServer virtual machines from web browsers, with built in VM console access based on VNC. Facilities include VM shutdown, boot, reboot, suspend, resume, live migrate and virtual DVD drive management. Users can be granted different rights, with granularity down as far as individual VMs. Most recent browsers on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are supported. These tools are in use at dozens of Internet hosting companies, universities, and other organisations.
There is now a pre-built VM appliance called xvpappliance, that brings these tools together in an easy-to-use package, with no need to build any of the components from source. The appliance can be imported into XCP or XenServer, and a single instance can be used to manage multiple XCP and/or XenServer pools.
For details, see the project website at, where you can also join the xvp mailing list.