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XCP Migration Utility – XVA Version 1.2 Available

By April 22, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements
Version 1.2 of the XCP migration utility is now available at:
Release highlight is the ability to migrate PV VMs that load kernel/ramdisk
from the Dom0(without pygrub).
In order for the script to automatically SFTP the kernel/ramdisk to the server(
using --sftp ), you will need the paramiko module:
You can also SCP/SFTP the kernel/ramdisk manually, this will definitely be the
case when saving the VM to .xva instead of streaming directly to a server.
Changes since 1.1.0
* Implemented the handling of guest kernels/initrds loaded from dom0. These can
either be SFTP'd to the server automatically(the paramiko module is needed),
otherwise the user can SFTP the kernel/initrd to the server manually if the
module is missing. In the case you are saving to xva you will have to SFTP to
the destination servers(s) manually. Take note. xapi does not manage guest
kernels/ramdisks, i.e. you will need to clean up /boot/guest after you delete
the VM that depends on those.
   Example: -d centos.5-3.x86.img -k /boot/vmlinuz-domu -r
/boot/initrd-domu -n new-vm --server XCP-host --username root --password f0rget
* Fixed some bugs that made --no-apic and --no-acpi not be recognised.
Before use, read README.