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Simon Crosby on RHEL Release…

By April 23, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

t’s a fast-moving world. I turn my back for a moment to log onto my XenDesktop, and before you know it, the Planet turns to KVM for Cloud Virtualization. Suddenly all those Xen, VMware and Hyper-V users must have switched to KVM overnight! Impressive.
I quickly check the XenServer download stats and see that the needle is still rapidly rising… about 3,000 server licenses per week. Something doesn’t compute… And then I realize that it all depends what planet you’re on and your sense of perspective.
The news that Red Hat has pushed out a beta of RHEL 6 without Xen, and is focussing solely on KVM going forward is an interesting moment in the in the constantly changing theory of RHEL-evance. It’s neither unexpected nor earth shattering for those in the cloud or virtualization markets broadly, unless you happened to use Xen in RHEL 5. If you did, you’re in for a painful “upgrade” (aka: V2V for all Xen VMs, and different management).
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