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Xen Summit 2011 Location Survey

By June 7, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

I am starting to work on plans for the Xen Summit events in 2011 and am considering hosting an event in Europe instead of North America in the early part of 2011. I will again host Xen Summit Asia in the end of 2011 as there is great demand for Xen in Asia and I see no reason to move the event from Asia at this time. However, the last two North American events in Silicon Valley have provided easy access to many community members but we are not necessarily reaching the entire community; thus my thinking about going to Europe in early 2011.
To help in this decision, please take this super quick 3 question survey to give your input:
I will leave this survey open for 3 weeks before reporting back to the community the results.