Xen Wiki URL Updated

By July 8, 2010 March 4th, 2019 Announcements

As part of a larger project to revamp the entire Xen.org web infrastructure, I have created a new URL for the Xen.org Wiki -> http://wiki.xen.org. This old web address http://wiki.xensource.com is still working  however I have updated the Xen.org website to start using the new wiki.xen.org URL.
In the coming months, all Xen.org VMs will be moving to brand new hardware and will also be upgraded to 64-bit VMs running on Xen 4.0. I will also be upgrading the Wiki to a new version in this process as well. I will keep everyone updated on the process as I am waiting for the final plan from the IT department that is supporting this new effort.