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Xen Developer Email Discussion

By July 9, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

As part of the new emphasis on exposing developer activities to the broader community, I plan to highlight a few xen-devel discussions every week on this blog to allow the community a better view of developer interaction. If you have any thoughts on this new activity please let me know.

  • [PATCH] Serialise some things in top-level Makefile ( – Ian Jackson submitted a change to the top-level makefile system based on the following:
    “If the top-level Makefile does “make -C tools” before “make -C xen”, or “make -C stubdom” before “make -C tools”, things can go wrong. This will also mean that “make dist-tools” should work, if only by virtue of building Xen first.”
    Jan Beulich, Keir Fraser and Tim Deegan all responded with comments on why this change was not appropriate. Ian responded with an updated patch:
    “Currently “make stubdom” on its own fails because it depends on files being installed by the results of “make tools”.  This also means that in some circumstances a parallel “make tools stubdom” (or “make all”) can fail due to races.  So make “make stubdom” depend on “make tools” having completed first.”
    Tim Deegan approved of this new patch. This patch has not been posted to the tree as of this post.
  • [PATCH] a problem about xen 4.0 remus (  – taojiang628 reported a problem when attempting to run remus on Xen 4.0. He presented the warning information in his email which gave a WARNING about event channel unavailable. Brendan Cully responded to ensure that taojiang626 needs to use the Xen 2.6.18 kernel for Dom0 and guests. taojiang628 responded that he is using that kernel but it turns out he was missing a few features as suggested by Pasi Karkkainen and Keir Fraser.