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Xen Related Job Available

By July 20, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

Adventium Labs, a leading-edge, high technology research and development organization, has an opening for a research staff position in cyber security. Our particular interest is in someone who has expertise in virtualization, both the problems raised by virtualization and the opportunities for increased security presented by virtualization. We currently have several projects involving Xen.
Position Description
Join an experienced research team engaged in ongoing projects to enhance the security of the Xen hypervisor and to develop innovative security capabilities that reside on the enhanced Xen hypervisor.
Key Technical Skills of Interest
* Experience with Xen hypervisor internals
* Experience with x86_64 architecture and Linux OS kernel programming
* BS or BA in computer science or a related field and three years experience, or MS or Ph.D. in computer science or related field
* Experience with Xen internals, or experience with Linux kernel programming and strong interest in learning about Xen internals * US citizenship
About Adventium Labs
Adventium Labs is dedicated to performing and publishing scientific research and to the creation, maturation, and application of scientific results. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization to provide the freedom to work broadly with universities, technology partners and government entities. Headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota, Adventium Labs brings together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team with a proven record of innovative research, the realization of that research as usable prototypes, and the transition of the prototypes to operational use. Our clients include a number of high profile Government laboratories as well as Fortune 1000 companies.
Contact: Brian Isle, 612.720.4960