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OpenNebula Position on OpenStack Announcement

By July 26, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

I received this note from our friends at OpenNebula and thought I would post to a wider audience:
Dear OpenNebula Community,
As many of you know, a new open-source cloud platform, OpenStack, was
recently announced. Here at OpenNebula, we think this is a very
exciting development in the cloud community, and we’re glad to see so
many major players coalescing around an open-source solution. However,
we have also been concerned by the all the high-profile announcements
and opinion pieces that describe OpenStack as the first initiative for
the definition of an open architecture for IaaS cloud computing and a
“real” open-source project, criticizing some existing open-source
cloud projects as being “open-core” closed initiatives (in some cases
conflating “open-core” with “having an Enterprise edition”), and
pointing out their lack of extensibility and inability to efficiently
scale to manage tens of thousand of VMs. This is the reason why we
have decided to write the following post in order to clearly state our
position in order to avoid misunderstandings, particularly with our
growing community of users.
We would appreciate if you could distribute this post to your networks
and colleagues.
Ignacio, on behalf of the OpenNebula open-source project