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Project ThreeEyes Officially Announced

By July 29, 2010March 4th, 2019Announcements

Xen Community –
As you are well aware, over the past 2+ years I have made numerous changes to the website ( to make it easer to use for developers, users, researchers, journalists, customers, etc.  However, in that time I have not been able to change the underlying system to include content management, Web 2.0 integration, and other modern features found in websites. I am pleased to announce that I am starting a new project today to begin the complete overhaul of the website to include an open source platform such as Drupal with content management support, Web 2.0 integration, etc. This project is called ThreeEyes based on there being three main design goals – Integrate, Inform, and Interact.
The current project plan is Project_ThreeEyes and is ready for community review. Please send me any comments you have or post them as comments to this blog posting.