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Xen Developer Email Discusion

By August 6, 2010March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

To help the community get a better idea of the developer interactions, I am highlighting two xen-devel discussions a week on this blog.

  • PV console for HVM domains
    Owen Smith submits a patch that “creates a shared memory ring buffer and event channel in HVM domains for passing debug messages from PV drivers to HVM guests.”  James Harper responds that this is already solved by debug io ports in the platform pci code; however, paul Durrant responds that this method is a much faster solution. The patch is accepted by Stefano Stabellini
  • Problems booting Xen on Toshiba Satellite L505
    Roger Cruz reports an issue on a new i3 Toshiba Satellite L505 for bth Xen 3.4.2 and Xen 4.1-unstable where a blinking cursor appears upon boot. Roger further diagnoses where the problem is having to do with loading vectors 0-6 which work and upon vector 7 we hit an infinite loop. Keir Fraser responds that Vector 7 is a device-not-available setting so it could be FPU related. Keir Fraser and Roger discuss some ways to get more trace information at the time of the fault until Roger returns with information that this is a known Toshiba BIOS issue with Ubuntu and info on the fix is available at and