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Xen Developer Email Discussion

By August 13, 2010March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

Jeremy Fitzhardinge submitted a patch to fix a compile issue caused by Remus…
“Remus tries to go out of the tools directory and build in the kernel directory. This assumes that we’re actually building a kernel out of the xen build tree, and that kernel is actually being used. If Remus needs kernel modules, they should actually be part of the respective kernel trees, not grafted on post-facto.
Disable the tools/remus directory until this is sorted out.”
There is agreement on this issue from Ian Campbell, Stefano Stabellini, and Ian Jackson so the patch has been applied and Remus will need to be updated to fix this problem before putting back into the build

Wei Wang submitted this patch based on the following…
When __pci_enable_msix() returns early, output parameter (struct msi_desc
**desc) will not be initialized.  On my machine, a Broadcom BCM5709 nic has
both MSI and MSIX capability blocks and when guest tries to enable msix
interrupts but __pci_enable_msix() returns early for encountering a msi
block,  the whole system will crash for fatal page fault immediately.
Jan Beulich offers some thoughts on minor changes to the source code of the patch and Dante Cinco offers his suport for the patch is it solves an error he reported recently. Keir Fraser reports that he is awaiting the final patch and will add to 4.0.1 as well as previous Xen versions.