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The Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) 1.0 Beta is available from

By November 24, 2010March 4th, 2019Uncategorized is pleased to announce the XCP 1.0 beta release. Download it here:
New features since XCP 0.5 include:
VMPR – VM protection and recovery (scheduled backup of VMs via snapshot/export)
XenCenter integration
VastSky SM backend integration
Local storage caching (to reduce load on shared storage)
Boot-from-SAN with multipathing
Better guest support – Ubuntu templates, RHEL 6 templates
blktap2 rather than blktap1
Please test and let us know if you find any problems, so we can include fixes in the final 1.0 release.
For user-related questions/comments: (include [XCP] in the subject) or ##xen on Freenode
For development-related questions/comments: or #xen-api on Freenode
Feel free to leave comments here or contact me ( directly with any other questions.
Updated to add: