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Sagar Kadam: Porting Unix libc to Xen PV

By June 20, 2011March 4th, 2019Announcements

This is a guest blog post by Sagar Kadam, one of our Google Summer of Code students. Sagar’s GSoC project is called Porting Unix libc to Xen PV. Please welcome Sagar into the community.
Hello all; I am Sagar Kadam from NYU Poly where I am pursuing my MS degree in Computer Sciences. This is my first year in GSoC: for that matter my first ever experience of working with any open-source project. My university is situated in the city of New York, a city that never sleeps (which many claim is because of bedbugs). My hobbies involve biking and cooking.
This summer I am porting Unix libc to the Xen para-virtualization platform of mini-os, with support of my mentor Ian Jackson. As of now the project uses newlib for all the C library functions. But newlib needs to be replaced with a cleaner and more functional POSIX compliant C library. Also, the new C library should make porting embedded applications such as qemu(-dm) to Xen much easier.
I have started with OpenBSD project’s C library implementation and am writing functionality for some basic syscalls. The syscalls which are required on priority (like write, read, etc) will be implemented first. These calls use hypercalls to communicate with Xen. Some small applications will be written/ported to test that these are functional (or how much). I will then move on to further syscalls. The target of the project is to make the libc implementation as complete as possible and porting a few embedded applications.
The code can be found at ragas/Porting-libc for anybody to read and comment and will be contributed to Xen.