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By September 19, 2011March 7th, 2019Announcements

For those of you who have not noticed, has now a jobs page and we made changes to the Wiki main page.
Jobs Page
We created a community jobs page, where companies that are active in the community can post job offerings. Jobs listed on this page are required to have a relationship to the Xen open source community, but can include the development or use of proprietary system as long as they are related to Xen. We will keep the page up-to-date and make sure that jobs in the open source community are more prominently shown on the page. If you want a job listing added, get in touch with me.
Wiki Front Page
At the Hackathon, a few of the attendees sat together to make the Wiki Front Page more useful. The page now highlights links to popular and recently changed pages, a section pointing to useful documentation, a section linking to companies and individuals offering services around Xen and projects and products related to Xen and a Developer Resources section.