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XCP 1.1 RC1 Release

By September 23, 2011March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

The XCP team would like to announce that, after a long time in beta, we’ve released XCP 1.1 RC1, which we hope will become our final release. Here is a list of issues that we’ve resolved since the beta release:

  • The license expiry bug has been resolved. This was the cause of the DMC issues reported in the beta, so those issues are resolved as well.
  • For OpenStack and others, support for ebtables and other netfilter options have been added to the kernel. These options have been disabled by default, but can be re-enabled with simple sysctl commands. These are the same kernel changes that will be included in the upcoming XenServer 6.0 release.
  • The Xapi version override feature has been added back in. This allows users to effectively rebrand their XCP boxes as XenServer hosts, in order to work better with products such as XenCenter.
  • It is possible to upgrade from XCP 1.0 to XCP 1.1 RC1, but it is not possible to upgrade from the beta to the RC.

Thanks to all the people who participated in the beta program, and who filed bug reports for us. It’s always really exciting for us hear from people who are using XCP, and we hope that this release is the best version of XCP yet.