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Xen @ OpenStack Design Summit

By October 7, 2011March 4th, 2019Announcements

Three packed days of developer meetings at the OpenStack Design Summit are now in the books. It’s been great to meet the development community. Project Kronos was very well received and Chuck Short offered to take a closer look at helping us package it for Ubuntu. Here is a link to the slides and references of my “Integrating Xen and OpenStack with Project Kronos” session. The conference is still going on, so I’ll report about it when I get back.

Even though the events are still unfolding, I can say that all the excitement about OpenStack is for good reason – OpenStack is a big deal for sure. Ewan Mellor pointed out that not only is OpenStack important to the community, but it is all important to the world. Another attendee noted that we can’t even yet understand how big the thing we (the OpenStack community) are a part of is. is excited to be a contributor to the OpenStack community!