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Xen Document Day: Thank You!

By October 27, 2011March 4th, 2019Announcements

I wanted to thank everybody who has contributed to the Xen Document Day yesterday. We had about 15-20 participants at any given time duting the day, which is great. We made some progress in some areas: but more needs to be done. Some areas of work, where progress was made:
Developer Documentation:

  • Some progress on man pages for XL & XM has been made (should be appearing as patches soon)
  • We tested doxygen as a tool to document Xen APIs: however the developer community was not entirely happy with the tool. We will be looking at an alternative solution.
  • Some of the documents ion the source tree were updated


  • We managed to go through all of the Wiki pages to identify good pages, old pages and pages that need work (updates or refactor). You can see the output here. There is only a relatively small number of pages, where it is not clear what we need to do!
  • We also managed to classify most of the Wiki pages into a few groups: useful for users, useful for developers, useful for beginners and Design Doc, Overview, HowTo, Tutorial, etc. which should help us create some sensible new categories in the planned new MediaWiki.
  • A number of Wiki pages were improved

What did surprise me, is how little documentation for Xen users in particular newbies there actually is on the Wiki. I always suspected this, but did not fully understand how little there really is. This is something we (as a community) must fix. I am looking for ideas.
I also believe, that we should have regular document days: maybe monthly? Anyway: Thank you for everybody who has helped!