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Update on the new site

By May 18, 2012March 4th, 2019Announcements

A few months ago we started developing the new website. It’s time for an update! Most of the framework and look & feel are now in place. The main outstanding tasks are to migrate content, update the site content where updates are needed, to put the finishing touches on the new site and to handle migration tasks (such that links to existing articles will be redirected to the new site). This means that we should be able to launch the new site in July.

Major new features

Besides updating the content, the site will feature the following major new functionality:

  • User registration, including social functionality. You don’t have to register to make use of the site though!
  • A Question and Answer system similar to stackoverflow
  • A self-service directory for solutions (services, consulting, products, open source products and research papers) that are related to Xen hosted projects or make use of them
  • The blog will be integrated into the new site
  • A download system


We have totally reworked the navigation to simplify finding information that is relevant for specific users. The new site will have the following top-level menus:

  • HOME: this an aggregator for the blog, news and common tasks such as downloads or recently created questions in the Q&A system
  • SOFTWARE: this is an area for users of Xen, XCP and projects hosted or people who just want to find out what Xen is and why it is relevant to them
  • PROJECTS: this is an area for developers of Xen hosted projects
  • COMMUNITY: this is a general community area, which points to resources that are valuable to the entire Xen community
  • ABOUT: this contains information about Xen, License, Trademarks and other information about the Xen site and its usage
  • There is also a page footer, which contains quick links to other commonly used resources

You can check the site on, but note that it is a work in progress and that many things will change. But you can already sign up and experiment. Your user data and other information will not be lost and be migrated to the site when it is fully live!