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XCP 1.6 Releases

By November 27, 2012March 7th, 2019Uncategorized is happy to announce that XCP 1.6 has been released! The release is available from the download page:

New features and Improvements
XCP 1.6 has many new features and improvements, most notably Storage XenMotion, Live VDI Migration, improved integration with XenCenter, many Networking Enhancements including massive VLAN scalability improvements. Please read the release notes for details.
The following XenSummit video provides a good overview over XCP and also explains, how Storage XenMotion works.

Also see: Presentation
Information for XCP Beta Users
Note that the final XCP 1.6 build contains fixes to recent security vulnerabilities. This means, if you have tested the XCP 1.6 beta, you will need to upgrade from an earlier XCP beta install. Automatic upgrades from XCP 1.1 (as well as XCP 1.6 betas) are possible. Please consult the XCP 1.6 Release Notes for more information on upgrades and information on fixed security vulnerabilities.