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Five Chances to Hear About the Xen Project in the Next Two Weeks

By May 29, 2013March 4th, 2019Announcements

Over the next two weeks, there are no less than five great opportunities to hear about the Xen Project.  These include:

The Linux Link Tech Show on May 29, 2013

Xen Project Evangelist Russ Pavlicek will be a guest of The Linux Link Tech Show crew.  This weekly webcast is streamed live at 8:30 PM EDT (GMT-4) worldwide, with downloadable podcasts available soon after the show is over.  They also have a lively IRC during the broadcast, so join in while you listen and maybe answer some questions others may have about Xen!

LinuxCon Japan: “10 Years of Xen and Beyond” on May 30

Xen Project Community Manager Lars Kurth talks about the history and future of the project at LinuxCon Japan.  LinuxCon Japan is a great Linux Foundation event for the Asian region.  And Lars will be available frequently on the expo floor, so stop by and say hello!

Texas Linux Fest: “How to (Almost) Kill a Successful Project and then Bring It Back to Life: Lessons Learned from the Xen Project” on June 1.

Russ speaks to the Texas Linux Fest crowd about how Xen’s early success was nearly overcome by disconnection with the community, and how the problems were addressed.  Texas Linux Fest continues to create an excellent event for the south central US.  If you are in the Austin, TX area, give yourself a treat and sign up!

Southeast Linuxfest: June 7 & 9

Russ reprises the talk from Texas to the North Carolina crowd on Friday, then finishes on Sunday with “Xen Project: a 10th Anniversary Status Report“.  SELF has a long history of delivering high quality conferences to those in the US southeast.  If you can make it to Charlotte, NC, make sure you stop in on the sessions and talk to Russ.
We really hope that most folks can attend one of the sessions, or at least download the audio, video, or slides as they are made available.
Remember that these and many other upcoming events can be found in the Events Calendar.  Check there often to see who will be speaking in a venue near you.