Upcoming changes to Xen Project websites

By June 7, 2013March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

This is just a quick reminder of some upcoming changes to the Xen project websites (as originally outlined here).

Archiving of xen.org

XenLogoBlackGreenTomorrow morning GMT, we will be archiving xen.org. This means that the content on xen.org is moved to www-archive.xenproject.org. The site will be archived: in other words there will be no more updates to www-archive.xenproject.org.
Permanent redirects will be put in place from xen.org to either xenproject.org or www-archive.xenproject.org. Which location we will redirect to, depends on the content of a page:

We will be monitoring Apache web server logs for pages that are not found and deal with issues as we find them. If you notice any issues please mail a description of the issue to community.manager @ xenproject.org. If you have bookmarks to pages on xen.org, you may want to change these to pages on xenproject.org.

Xen.org ecosystem pages

If you are a company or individual that is listed in the xen.org ecosystem pages and you have not yet created an entry in the Xen project Ecosystem pages, please do so now. The new website provides a sel-service mechanism: you can add yourself by going to Add your listing here which is accessible from the Xen project Ecosystem pages. You do need to have an account on xenproject.org to do this.

Changes to lists.xenproject.org

You may already have noticed some changes to the look and feel of the archives on lists.xenproject.org (e.g. xen-devel). Mailing lists archives are now integrated into the global menu structure of xenproject.org. We have also created a number of new lists in line with the recently approved Mailing List Conventions. For more information about the mailing lists, check out the mailing list index.