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Xen 4.3.0 Rc6 TestDay on Friday, June 28

By June 27, 2013March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

Xen 4.3.0 time is approaching and, to make sure we’re delivering the best possible release, we are having another Xen TestDay on Friday, June 28 2013. (RSVP and iCal here).
We will be testing Xen 4.3.0-RC6, that will be tagged on Thursday. It will ship two really important changes (as compared to RC5) about PCI passthrough and CPU hotplug. Help us making sure there are no issues left, both on those two specifically, and in general!
In fact, about the former, we’ve had to change the way Xen handles some aspects of PCI passthrough, to work around an issue with qemu-xen. We think we’ve got everything right, but please test your own configuration to make sure that it still works for you. We particularly need graphics cards with large amounts of video RAM tested. About the latter, CPU hotplug support was missing in qemu-xen, and it has now been implemented, so go ahead testing it (CPU hot-unplug is still not supported, though).
We will announce on the xen-devel (and other relevant) mailing lists when RC6 will become available. In the meanwhile, here they are the Xen 4.3 RC6 test instructions, while more information about Xen TestDays are available here.
Join us on Friday on the #xentest channel on freenode!
If nothing relevant comes up during the TestDay, the plan is to have the release next week, probably on July 2nd.