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Xen Project User Summit 2013 Sessions Announced

By August 13, 2013March 4th, 2019Announcements

Linux stable tree maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman to give Featured Talk

xen_user_summit_bgThe Xen Project is pleased to announce the sessions which will be presented at the 2013 Xen Project User Summit.  Scheduled for September 18 in New Orleans, the Xen Project User Summit is the first major event focused entirely on users of the Xen Project software.  While there have been other Xen Summits in the past, they have always consisted of a mixture of User and Developer sessions.  This year, we have the opportunity to present two different events, a User Summit in September and a Developer Summit in October.
The Xen Project User Summit session lineup includes some excellent topics and speakers:

Keynote Address: Xen: This is not your Dad’s hypervisor!

Demetrious Coulis, Senior Principal Product Manager for CA AppLogic at CA Technologies, will deliver the keynote address.  He will explain why Xen’s strengths are critical for powering CA AppLogic and platforms like OpenStack.

Featured Talk: Free yourself from the tyranny of your cloud provider!

Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the stable branch of the Linux kernel (among a mass of other things), will discuss how using kexec in a paravirtualized user domain, with no changes to the control Domain or Xen itself, can allow you to boot your own kernel, no matter what the hosting provider is forcing you to run.

And a whole lot more…

Attendees will also learn about:

  • how Xen works in the cloud with Apache CloudStack and OpenStack
  • the effort to bring Xen to CentOS 6
  • the independent project to create a GUI for XAPI via Xen Orchestra
  • how Xen can empower new ARM-based servers
  • using the Ceph filesystem with Xen under CloudStack
  • a case study involving Xen and security auditing for Navis Lighthouse

But what if I am relatively new to Xen?

Folks new to Xen will benefit from an introductory session, as well as a short session to explain the differences between Xen Project, XenServer, and XAPI.  Everyone, from long-time Xen users to those just kicking the tires, will receive plenty of useful information.

The talks currently scheduled include:

  • Xen: This is not your Dad’s hypervisor! by Demetrious Coulis of CA Technologies
  • Xen for Beginners by Bryan Smith of Tacit Labs, Inc.
  • Xen, XenServer, and XAPI: What’s the Difference? by James Bulpin and Russell Pavlicek of Citrix Systems

  • ARM Servers and Xen – Hypervisor support at Hyperscale by Larry Wikelius of Calxeda

  • Bringing Xen Dom0 to CentOS-6 by Karanbir Singh of the CentOS Project

  • Free yourself from the tyranny of your cloud provider! by Greg Kroah-Hartman of the Linux Foundation

  • Xen Orchestra (XAPI and XenServer from the web) by Olivier Lambert of Vates

  • Network Multi-tenancy in Xen-based Clouds by Chiradeep Vittal of Citrix Systems

  • Building the Rackspace Open Cloud with XenServer and OpenStack by Paul Voccio of Rackspace

  • Coalfire Systems’ Navis Lighthouse Gen 2 – Security Audit Appliance by Grant McWilliams of Coalfire Systems

  • Ceph, Xen, and CloudStack: Semper Melior by Patrick McGarry of Inktank

The schedule is subject to change due to speaker availability.  As the User Summit is co-located with LinuxCon North America and CloudOpen North America, you can find the full schedule with times and descriptions on the LinuxCon NA Schedule page.
We hope to see you in New Orleans in September!

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