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Xen Project Alive and Well at LinuxCon/CloudOpen North America

By September 26, 2013March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

The Xen Project was well represented at LinuxCon North America and CloudOpen North America.  Sponsored by the Linux Foundation, the two co-located conferences featured a number of Xen-related talks, as well as the first Xen Project User Summit (which will be discussed at length in a post to follow).
Lars Kurth gave a well-received talk about the lessons we’ve learned from the Xen Project over the years.  It included a number of insights from the past decade, and a practical tool called “The Community Funnel Model” which can be used to analyze activity within an Open Source community.
I gave a talk about securing a cloud using Xen.  It identified many of the advanced security features included in the Xen hypervisor.  Thanks to George Dunlap for assembling most of the material, and Stefano Stabellini for the ARM information.
The slide decks for these talks can be found on  As the recordings for the sessions become available, we intend to post them there as well.
Lars (who in addition to being the Xen Project Community Manager is also the unofficial community photographer) shared a number of pictures on the Xen Project Google+ page.  Albums include the Mardi Gras-style party and pictures from the Xen Project User Summit.  See if you can pick out your friends (especially difficult if they happen to be wearing the festive Mardi Gras gear).
However, some of the most important outcomes of the event could be found in the press coverage.  ServerWatch produced a piece called, “How Xen Virtualization Got Its Zen Back: LinuxCon“.  Lars was featured in a Cloudcast focusing on the latest news from the Xen Project.  And when eWeek put together its slideshow of LinuxCon luminaries, Lars made the deck as well!
And stay tuned for a summary of the Xen Project User Summit in the next few days.  Slide decks from many of the talks are already on the website.