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Xen Project Team Hits the Road

By March 24, 2014March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

You’ll find many of our members and contributors taking on more than coding this spring. We’re excited to attend several upcoming industry events and share Xen Project milestones, news, use cases and roadmap updates in-person with many in our community.
We encourage you to attend any of these upcoming Xen Project talks. And, if you do, make sure to introduce yourself to the speaker.  It’s always good to meet new people from the Xen Project community!

First Stop: Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

This week you’ll find the Xen Project team in wine country at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Napa Valley, California.  We have a terrific set of Xen Project sessions at this year’s conference. In fact, the schedule for March 27 reads like a mini Xen Project Summit.
At 11:30 AM, GlobalLogic CTO Alex Azizam discusses “Xen versus Xen Automotive,” an overview of the technologies required to fully use Xen Project software in automotive applications.
At 2:00 PM, Intel Software Engineer Zhiyuan Lv presents “XenGT: A Full GPU Virtualization Solution with Mediated Pass-Through.”  GPU virtualization is especially hot right now, and this project to provide high-performance virtual GPUs for use within the Xen Project environment is especially interesting.
At 3:00 PM, Oracle Software Engineer Mukesh Rathor talks about “PVH: A PV Guest in HVM Container.”  The combination of PV and HVM promises to yield the highest performance of any Xen Project hypervisor mode for most workloads.
And, finally, at 4:00 PM, I deliver an overview of our new release with “Xen Project 4.4: Features and Futures.”  Attendees will hear about the newest capabilities, as well as hear a quick summary of some upcoming enhancements on the project roadmap.
Check out the Collaboration Summit Q&A on for more event highlights and Xen Project reflections.

Up Next: ApacheCon / CloudStack Collaboration Conference / CentOS Dojo

With barely any time to rest, you’ll next find us at ApacheCon and the CloudStack Collaboration Conference April 7-9 in Denver, Colo.
At 2:20 PM on Thursday, April 10 I’ll again present “Xen Project 4.4: Features and Futures” for the Apache CloudStack enthusiasts visiting the Mile High City.
Later that day, at 4:20 PM I’ll deliver “Using and Understanding Xen CentOS” at CentOS Dojo (also co-located with ApacheCon), discussing how to use the Xen Project hypervisor on top of CentOS.
On Friday, April 11 at 11:45 AM, John Mark Walker, Gluster Community Manager at Red Hat, presents “The New Cloud Stack — CloudStack, Xen and GlusterFS” and the latest work from Gluster engineers to improve integration and scalability across these technologies.

More to Come…

If we miss you in California or Colorado, be sure to visit and check out the upcoming events to find out when a Xen Project talk is coming to a conference near you.  And don’t forget that we normally link to our talk slides and videos as they become available.
Hope to see you at an event soon!