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Time to Register for Xen Project User Summit on Sept 15, 2014

By August 12, 2014March 4th, 2019Announcements

Great Session Lineup Awaits Attendees in New York City!

It’s time to make your travel plans to New York City for the September 15 arrival of the Xen Project User Summit!
The Lighthouse Executive Conference Center will play host to the only full day user-centric Xen Project event on this year’s calendar.  If you are a power user, a new user, or you just want to see what Xen Project can possibly do for you, you’ll want to be there.
Attendees will find an excellent selection of talks waiting for them at this year’s event.

Is Your Head in the Clouds?

We have a number of terrific cloud-related talks on the schedule!
Listen to SUSE‘s Peter Linnell talk about Xen, OpenStack, and the SUSE Cloud.  And are you thinking about unikernels in the cloud?  Adam Wick of Galois, provider of HaLVM, will expound on the virtues of tiny VMs providing a single-purpose operating environment (imagine many of the advantages of Linux Containers but with the security of a real hypervisor).  And Don Marti from Cloudius Systems will talk about using the OSv unikernel to create a C and Java environment directly on the hypervisor.

Or is Security Your Focus?

Then you’ll want to hear about the Zazen security framework as described by Steven Maresca of Zentific.  Plus, there’s my talk discussing the Advanced Security Features of Xen Project, most of which are easy to use, but most users don’t even seem aware of them.

Is Your Mind on the Future?

That’s good, because Oracle‘s Konrad Wilk, the Release Manager for the upcoming 4.5 Xen Project Release, will give us the run down of the features to expect.  There’s an impressive list of improvements in the works, so Konrad will help us to understand what is likely to make the cut.  And our own Community Manager Lars Kurth from Citrix will give us a healthcheck on the project itself, including fascinating information about how diverse our development ecosystem has become in the past few years.

Or Maybe Distribution Support is Your Thrust?

You’ll want to hear Johnny Hughes of the CentOS Project discuss the Xen4CentOS effort with a quick and easy cookbook for restoring our favorite hypervisor to the CentOS world.  He will also address how the effort has given birth to the new CentOS Virtualization SIG with an eye on making CentOS a key platform for all types of virtualization technologies.

Could XenServer be Your Concern?

If so, then you will want to hear XenServer Community Manager Tim Mackey discuss where XenServer has gone in the year since it became Open Source — and, more importantly, where it is expected to go from here.  And you will definitely want to hear from Olivier Lambert of Vates as he discusses the Xen Orchestra project, an interface for controlling XenServer and XAPI installations from a web-based interface.

Or High Availability?

Then you’ll definitely want to hear Will Auld of Intel discuss the COLO project.  Still in development, COLO aims to create lock-step VMs to deliver non-stop availability during a VM failure.  This is critical capability when you have a VM which needs to keep running no matter what.

Or Deployment?

Don’t miss Grant McWilliams‘ talk about deploying XAPI-based security devices.  It is actually an amazing tale describing the design and deployment of some amazing devices using the Xen Project Hypervisor to make magic happen.

Then You Need to Register Today!

For just $79 — less than the price of a good dinner in Manhattan — you can get all this, plus the User Jam Session.  User Jam is your time to give feedback about the project and the presentations given.
And tell a coworker to sign up, too!  We have two tracks most of the day, so bring a friend who can go to the sessions you can’t.
See the full schedule and register on the Linux Foundation website:
And we hope to see you in New York City on September 15!