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Save 50%: Learn About The Next Wave of Virtualization at Xen Project User Summit, Sept 15 in New York City

By September 5, 2014March 6th, 2019Announcements
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Some claim that the age of virtualization is now past.  However, nothing could be farther from the truth.  And this year’s Xen Project User Summit will highlight many of the newest advances in virtualization.  If you use the Xen Project Hypervisor — or if you are simply evaluating your virtualization alternatives — join us in New York on September 15 at the Lighthouse Executive Conference Center!
Readers of the Xen Project blog can now register at 50% off the original $79 price.  Just use code XenUser50off when you register!
This year’s event focuses on a number timely topics, including:

The New World of Unikernels

Some of the hottest technologies in the world of virtualization are the unikernels.  Small, lightweight, and secure, unikernels will power a new type of cloud.  Allowing for hundreds, or even thousands, of VMs per host, unikernels will allow us to develop exciting new visions of the cloud.  Hear from the creators of such notable entries like OSv and HaLVM.

The Latest about Xen Project in OpenStack and SUSE Cloud

Many organizations are making plans for clouds based on OpenStack.  Now is an excellent time to see how SUSE Cloud can leverage Xen Project software to make those plans become a reality.

New Features Coming in Xen Project 4.5

Some mature projects slow down development as they age.  But not Xen Project!  Our upcoming release has the longest list of new features we’ve seen in years!  Get the lowdown on what changes are coming, so you can start making plans.  Plus, we’ll hear about the latest news from the Board of Advisors.

Improving Security

You can’t get serious about the cloud without addressing security.  Learn about the Advanced Security features of Xen Project as well as the Zazen security architecture.  And hear about the case study describing the deployment of Xen Project-powered security devices.

Upcoming From the XenServer Project

Last summer marked the birth of the Open Source XenServer project.  For years, XenServer has been a very popular commercial product which leverages Xen Project software.  Now learn what’s planned in the next iteration of XenServer.

The Newest From Xen Orchestra

There are a number of other software projects in the Xen Project ecosystem.  One of the most exciting is Xen Orchestra, a web-based GUI for XAPI and XenServer.

The Latest from Xen4CentOS

Last year, Xen Project was re-integrated into CentOS 6 via the Xen4CentOS effort.  Learn how to use Xen4CentOS and hear what’s coming in the new CentOS Virtualization SIG.

And the Future Development for High Availability

There’s plenty more in development at Xen Project.  Still under development is COLO, an effort to bring high availability to VMs using lock-step failover.  Hear about the status of this project while it is still cooking.

All From the Mouths of Industry Leaders and Innovators

Many of our presenters are from industry leaders like Oracle, Intel, Citrix, Red Hat, and SUSE.  But we also have people from up-and-coming organizations like Cloudius Systems, Galois, Vates, Zentific, and Sound Linux Training.
For the schedule and registration information, please visit the Linux Foundation Events website.  And don’t forget the code XenUser50off  when you register!
We hope to see you in New York!