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Xen Project User Summit 2014 Videos Now Available

By November 19, 2014March 4th, 2019Announcements, Events

The Year’s Biggest Xen Project User Event Now Available at Your Desk or On Your Phone

You didn’t make it to this year’s Xen Project User Summit in New York City?  Or you didn’t catch all the sessions you wanted to see because of scheduling conflicts (it happens when you have too much of a good thing…)?  Don’t fret; you can catch up on the action on a computer, tablet, or phone near you!
Most of the sessions can now be viewed in the Presentations and Videos section of the website.  And the few which have not been published (due to sound issues), should be available very soon.

Some Sessions to Check Out Include:

Xen in Openstack – An overview with SUSE Cloud- Alejandro Bonilla from SUSE
Ever want to use Xen Project in OpenStack? See how it functions in the OpenStack-driven SUSE Cloud.

Using and Understanding Xen4CentOS by Johnny Hughes of the CentOS Project
Just because the project upstream from CentOS elected not to support Xen Project doesn’t mean we have to do without it. See how to quickly and easily use Xen Project on CentOS 6.

Status of Xen Project by Lars Kurth, Xen Project Community Manager and Advisory Board Chairman
What’s the latest from Xen Project? What’s the developer community up to? Hear all about it.

VM Security: On the outside looking in by Steven Maresca of Zentific
Learn about a security framework which can help you lock down your Xen Project installation.

Unikernels: Who, What, Where, When, Why by Adam Wick of Galois
What’s a unikernel and why will it remake the cloud as we know it? Get the lowdown from the creator of HaLVM.
Plus talks on XenServer, Xen Orchestra, Security, and more! Just look for the names beginning with “XPUS14” in the list.