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Alibaba Joins Xen Project Advisory Board As it Expands Aliyun Cloud Services Business

By August 13, 2015March 4th, 2019Releases

aliyunToday we officially welcome Alibaba as our newest Xen Project Advisory Board member. On the heels of the company announcing a $1 billion investment in its cloud computing unit Aliyun, we’re excited Aliyun is also committing to Xen Project virtualization.

As the cloud computing unit adds new data centers and upgrades cloud capabilities, Xen will deliver superior IT efficiencies, workload balancing, hyper-scalability and tight security by running VMs on a cloud service.

Aliyun is in good company, joining several other global cloud leaders, including AWS, Rackspace and Verizon, which are already Xen Project members.
Aliyun has been contributing vulnerability fixes to Xen for some time, and we are already benefiting from the queries, issues and patches its engineers regularly submit. It’s evident that Aliyun is extremely vigilant about security, and we believe they have a lot to contribute to Xen on this front.
“Aliyun is looking forward to deeper interaction and collaboration with the Xen Project board and community. We have been working with Linux for a long time, and Xen virtualization is increasingly important to enhancing our cloud and marketplace technology offerings in China and abroad,” says Wensong ZHANG, Chief Technology Officer, Aliyun.
Aliyun’s community involvement is also opening doors for Xen with other companies, partners and contributors in Asia. We recently announced a new partner in China. Hyper offers a new open source project that allows developers to run Docker images with Xen Project virtualization.  And last April Intel hosted our Xen Project Hackathon in Shanghai.
To learn more about live migration at Aliyun, including 20+ enhancements and hardware fixes involving issues of ~70 Shuguang X86 servers, be sure to check out Liu Jinsong’s presentation at Xen Project Developer Summit, Monday, August 17 at 3:20 p.m. Jinsong, a Xen PM, RAS maintainer and Aliyun engineer, is presenting “Live Migration at Aliyun – Benefits, Challenges, Developments and Future Works.”
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