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Xen Project Contributor Spotlight: Yurii Konovalenko

By March 21, 2018March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

The Xen Project is comprised of a diverse set of member companies and contributors that are committed to the growth and success of the Xen Project Hypervisor. The Xen Project Hypervisor is a staple technology for server and cloud vendors, and is gaining traction in the embedded, security and automotive space. This blog series highlights the companies contributing to the changes and growth being made to the Xen Project, and how the Xen Project technology bolsters their business.


Name: Yurii Konovalenko
Title: Project Manager
Company: GlobalLogic

When did you start contributing to the Xen Project?
GlobalLogic started to contribute to the Xen Project in 2013. Since that time, we have done a significant job to improve the overall functionality of the Xen Project with respect to the embedded world. For example, we brought to life R_CAR platform support from Renesas.

How does contributing to the Xen Project benefit your company?
There are many benefits of contributing to the Xen Project, a few of the most important ones for us, include:

  • Simplified community support of the features GlobalLogic has contributed.
  • Promotion and advertising of GlobalLogic expertise to the world.
  • Extension of internal GlobalLogic experience by connecting to experts in different domains.
  • Possibility to develop internal knowledge and find new bright ideas about different challenges due to being an active member of the OSS community.

How does the Xen Project’s technology help your business?
Most of GlobalLogic projects in the automotive area are based on the Xen Project hypervisor. It is extremely flexible and able to satisfy the requirements of all our customers. Nowadays, GlobalLogic is a leading player in this domain. A lot of OEMS and Tier 1 companies are currently looking into hypervisor solutions. The Xen Project hypervisor is a perfect platform for such solutions and taking into account a collaboration between GlobalLogic and the Xen Project, a lot of potential customer contact GlobalLogic with different requests in this area. All of it leads to constant GlobalLogic business growth in the area of the hypervisor (and the Xen Project hypervisor in particular).
What are some of the major changes you see with virtualization and the transition to cloud native computing?
Nowadays, redistributed cloud-based solutions is really a trend. It is one of the additional advantages of using Xen Project technologies. Based on this platform, it is easy to build these systems. For example, microservice architecture provides very powerful and flexible tools for building scalable and reliable cloud-based solutions.
In addition, we are seeing the following trends unfold:

  • Less computing is done on board, more in cloud.
  • Platform agnostic systems become more widespread.
  • Embedded systems are gaining higher capabilities.

What advice would you give someone considering contributing to the Xen Project?
Don’t hesitate to reach out for consultation with domain owners before submitting feature implementations or new platform support. They can recommend the best way to satisfy the requirements with minimum efforts.
What excites you most about the future of Xen?
As for now, we see the following exciting challenges:

  • Safety certification for automotive industries.
  • Internal communication security (IPC, RPC, Rtrast Zone etc.).
  • Support of extensions from ARM.
  • Intel embedded systems support.