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Xen Developer and Design Summit Schedule Now Live

By May 9, 2019May 10th, 2019Announcements, Events

Today, we are excited to unveil the Xen Project Developer and Design Summit program and speaker schedule. The ​Xen Project ​Developer ​and ​Design ​Summit ​brings ​together ​the ​Xen ​Project’s ​community ​of ​developers ​and ​power ​users ​for ​their ​annual ​conference. ​The ​conference ​is ​about ​sharing ​ideas ​and ​the ​latest ​developments, ​sharing ​experience, ​planning, ​collaboration ​and ​above ​all ​to ​have ​fun ​and ​to ​meet ​the ​community ​that ​defines ​the ​Xen ​Project.

This year’s Summit is taking place in Chicago from July 9th to 11th. This year’s Xen Project Summit will include presentations and panels focusing on hypervisor performance and development, security, automotive and much more.

Highlights for this year’s summit include: Keynotes:

  • Xen Project Weather Report 2019 – Lars Kurth, Director of Open Source at Citrix and Xen Project Chairperson The Xen Project
  • Xen in Automotive – Artem Mygaiev, Director, Technology Solutions, EPAM Systems
  • Unikraft Weather Report – Simon Kuenzer, Senior Researcher, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH
  • Xen Dom0-less – Stefano Stabellini, Principal Engineer at Xilinx
  • Secret-free Hypervisor: Now and Future – Wei Liu, Software Engineer at Citrix

Session highlights:

  • Live-Updating Xen – Amit Shah, Kernel / Hypervisor Engineer at Amazon
  • Core scheduling in Xen – Jürgen Groß, SW Engineer at SUSE
  • The Xen-Blanket for 2019 – Christopher Clark, Consultant at Star Lab Corporation, and Kelli Little, Software Engineer at Star Lab Corporation
  • Xen API Archaeology: Creating a Full-Featured VMI Debugger for the Xen Hypervisor – Spencer Michaels, Security Consultant at NCC Group
  • A Journey to Mirage OS as Xen PVH – Marek Marczykowski-Górecki, Lead Engineer at Invisible Things Lab
  • Using Xen to enable an open source safety certifiable Automotive Grade Linux- Walt Miner, Community Manager at the Linux Foundation Automotive Grade Linux

In addition to panels and presentations, the Xen Project will be running design sessions where attendees, in real time, can propose and vote on sessions at the summit.

In these problem-solving sessions with tangible outputs, attendees will vote which sessions they plan to attend during the event, making for a collaborative and tailored experience’. Our design session scheduling tool will do automatic scheduling based on attendee input and minimize conflicts between attendees.

Design Session Highlights:

  • Build System Gripe Session
  • Building Stub Domains with Unikraft
  • Cache coloring
  • Exposing hardware-backed CPU timers to limit overhead from Xen’s software timers
  • Further defenses for speculative side channels
  • PCI passthrough discussion

Design sessions can be submitted at any time, even during the event. To submit a design session, go to

For a full list of submitted design sessions, go to

If you’ve never attended a Xen Project Developer and Design Summit, check out last year’s presentations to get a better feel for the event.

A special thank you to Citrix and Arm for sponsoring the summit.

Check out the event page for all details and we look forward to seeing you in July!