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Xen Summit Highlights: Xen FuSa SIG updates

By August 25, 2021Announcements, Xen Summit

During the 2021 Xen Summit, representatives from the Xen Project Functional Safety Special Interest Group have an update on what the SIG has been up to.

The panelists covered what work is being done by Functional Safety Special Interest Group to bring Xen on Arm mainline to regulated domains such as Automotive: creating maintainable Xen documentation, applying some defensive programming techniques, implementing safety-related features. 

In the talk, they elaborated on activities that will be useful for non-safety cases as well so that the whole Xen community may benefit from FuSa SIG work. Additionally, they explained how safety-only processes and tools may be introduced without significant impact on existing community processes.

To watch the entire update, check out the replay from this year’s Xen Summit: