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Design Session – Xen FuSA SIG present and future

By November 6, 2020Announcements, Events

In this Xen Summit Design Session, the Xen Functional Safety Special Interest Group (FuSA SIG), outlines the progress of the group around Xen and Certification, what is currently being done, and possible future plans. 

This session goes through the goals of the FuSA, one of which is writing documents for safety certification but also documents used by developers themselves. These two goals are not always perfectly aligned and present challenges in that the documents must meet requirements for certification, but also be readable and usable by the community at large.

Currently, all docs pertaining to the FuSA work are at

Topics discussed include 

  • How and where to write requirements for Xen 
  • How and where to write documentation for Xen (that could be turned into requirements)
  • Tracking requirements and bugs back to the mailing list 
  • And more

See the entire session here: