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HVMI becomes A Xen Project Incubating Project

By July 30, 2020Announcements

Today, the Xen Project is thrilled to welcome Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection (HVMI) as an incubating project! 

Contributed by Bitdefender, a leading global cybersecurity company protecting over 500 million systems worldwide and a Xen Project Advisory Board member company, HVMI allows organizations to make sense of the view of memory provided by Virtual Machine Introspection within both the Xen and KVM hypervisors. While Bitdefender has used the technology for security purposes, open sourcing this technology opens up possibilities to extend HVMI’s value across many industries.

HVMI is a subset of Bitdefender’s HVI which is used to understand and apply security logic to memory events within running Linux and Windows virtual machines. These mechanisms leverage Virtual Machine Introspection APIs at the hypervisor-level. 

Also being open sourced is Bitdefender’s ‘thin’ hypervisor technology, known as Napoca, which was used in developing HVI. Napoca may prove useful to researchers and open source efforts as it virtualizes CPU and memory, as opposed to virtualizing all hardware, and can be combined with HVI to protect physical systems.

To learn more, read the Bitdefender press release or watch the webinar outlining details of this contribution. 

To get involved with HVMI, please visit the GitHub repo here: