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How would work changing “enable_isololated_metadata” from false to true on the fly on RDO Liberty ?

All private networks (having neutron router) created  before or after this change will continue provide metadata via neutron-ns-metadata-proxy running in corresponding qrouter-namespace to theirs VMs. Any  isolated tenants network  been created after update will provide metadata via neutron-ns-metadata-proxy running in corresponding qdhcp-namespace to theirs VMs. ****************************************************************** For routable qdhcp-namespace created before update dhcp_agent.ini ****************************************************************** [root@vfedora22wks […]

Xen Project Participates in Round 11 of Outreachy

This is a quick reminder that the Xen Project is again participating in Outreachy (Round 11). Please check the round 11 page for more information about the December 2015 to March 2015 round of interships. Outreach Program for Women has been helping women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people get involved in free […]

RDO Kilo DVR Deployment (Controller/Network)+Compute+Compute (ML2&OVS&VXLAN) on CentOS 7.1

Per 1. Neutron DVR implements the fip-namespace on every Compute Node where the VMs are running. Thus VMs with FloatingIPs can forward the traffic to the External Network without routing it via Network Node. (North-South Routing). 2. Neutron DVR implements the L3 Routers across the Compute Nodes, so that tenants intra VM communication will […]

What's Coming In The Cloud? Here's Your Chance to Find Out!

Docker Was Just the Beginning; See What Comes Next... Lots of people know that projects like Docker are changing the way people look at the cloud.  But fewer people realize that Docker is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are a whole group of technologies which are making the future of the cloud a whole lot clearer.  These include: Unikernels: VMs that are smaller and faster than Docker, but are much more secure OpenStack enablement: A way to take OpenStack from zero to cloud in minutes, not weeks Docker enablement: A new engine to deploy VMs just like containers, and another engine which...

Iftop -i eth0 running on Controller vs iftop -i eth0 running on Compute

Controller Compute nodes, VM vf22devs02 is running on second compute node

Xen Project Test Day for 4.6 RC4 Scheduled for October 1

Our Fourth (and Possibly Final) 4.6 Release Candidate to be Tested This Thursday Our Xen Project Test Days help insure that upcoming releases are ready for production, beyond what our automated testing through our Test Lab can accomplish. It is particularly important that our users test out the upcoming release in their own environment. We […]

Xen Orchestra 4.6

Taste the latest release of Xen Orchestra, with the power to correlate events on your infrastructure!

Correlations on your infrastructure

Discover how Xen Orchestra will allow you to diagnostic your whole XenServer infrastructure.

The future of XenServer: Dundee

XenServer Dundee is coming. And it will be... legendary!

XenServer Dundee Beta 1 Available

We are very pleased to make the first beta of XenServer Dundee available to the community. As with all pre-release downloads, this can be found on the XenServer Preview page. This release does include some potential commercial features, and if you are an existing Citrix customer you can access those features using the XenServer Tech Preview. It's also important to note that a XenServer host installed from the installer obtained from either source will have identical version number and identical functionality. Application of a Tech Preview license unlocks the potential commercial functionality. So with the "where do I get Dundee...