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Updates to Xen Project Security Process

Before Christmas, the Xen Project ran a community consultation to refine its Security Problem Response Process.  We recently approved changes that, in essence, are tweaks to our existing process, which is based on a Responsible Disclosure philosophy. Responsible Disclosure and our Security Problem Response Process are important components of keeping users of Xen Project-based products and […]

Task management in XO

In the next-release, we display all the current task executed in all your servers. Concepts XenServer handles tasks. Basically, it's useful to track the progress of an ongoing action, like: a migration a VDI migration anyg asyn task which can be long Examples Our goal is to show you running tasks, in any page you currently are in XO. That's why we choose to put the task indicator in tha navigation bar. Right here: The menu is disabled where there isn't any running task. That's another story when, for example, I start a live migration within a pool: For sure, you will see a progress bar to check the status of...

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XO 4.x starts to show up

ACLs, ACLs, ACLs! That's the rallying cry of our community since a long time. But we had to do a lot of work before even think on it. But yes, we take this time: our first draft was created nearly 1 year ago! This big feature will be the start of our new branch: the 4.x! Concepts People (e.g sysadmins) want to delegate VMs to other users (e.g developers), because it helps a lot to reduce the workload for them. There is a ton of use cases for delegating resources to others: could be inside (devs, devops, anyone who want to access its...

Participe do XenServer Day Fortaleza 2015

Fortaleza | Ceará | Brasil | 27/02/2015 | 14:00hUFC - Universidade Federal do Ceará Campus do Pici | Bloco 902 |Auditório Reitor Ícaro de Souza Moreira (Auditório do Centro de Ciências)O XenServer Day foi um evento criado para usuários corporativos, desenvolvedores, fornecedores de serviços e entusiastas pelo Citrix™ XenServer™. O evento será realizado na Cidade de Fortaleza/CE, na Universidade Federal do Ceará, Auditório Reitor Ícaro de Souza Moreira (Auditório do Centro de Ciências), no dia 27/02/2015. Nesta edição do XenServer Day, vai ser realizada em conjunto com o XenServer Creedence World Tour, iniciativa da comunidade Open Source para lançamento...

XenServer at OpenStack Summit

It's coming up on time for OpenStack Summit Vancouver where OpenStack developers and administrators will come together to discuss what it means and takes to run a successful cloud based on OpenStack technologies. As in past Summits, there will be a realistic focus on KVM based deployments due to KVM, or more precisely libvirt, having "Group A" status within the compute driver test matrix. XenServer currently has "Group B" status, and when you note that the distinction between A and B really boils down to which can gate a commit, there is no logical reason why XenServer shouldn't be a... gets a refresh

Now that Creedence has shipped as XenServer 6.5, and we've even addressed some early issues with hotfixes (in record time no less), it was time to give a bit of an update as well. All of the content you've known to be on is still here, but this face lift is the first in a series of changes you'll see coming over the next few months. Our Role The role of will be shifting slightly from what we did in 2014 with an objective that by the end of 2015 it is the portal virtualization administrators use to find...

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Xen Project 4.6 Planning Opens

With Xen Project 4.5 released in January, we are now one month into 4.6 development window! My name is Wei Liu and I have been working on various areas in the Xen Project community, including Linux kernel, hypervisor, QEMU and toolstack. Now I’m a co-maintainer of Xen hypervisor’s toolstack and the netback driver in Linux. […]

Catch Xen Project Talks at SCALE 13X, openSUSE Mini-Summit, & LF Collaboration Summit This Week

California Gets Four Opportunities in Four Days at Three Conferences to Hear About Xen Project February 19-22, 2015 has an assortment of great Xen Project talks. Folks in Santa Rosa, CA at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit have two great talks: Lessons Learned from the Xen Project Security Response Process: Attendees will learn how the […]