Planet Hypervisor

VDI disk usage overview

Sneak peek on XenServer infrastructure visualization in Xen Orchestra!

Dashboard and dataviz

Data visualization and dashboard for XenServer, right in your web browser, thanks to Xen Orchestra.

Xen Orchestra 4.3

A brand new release with a backup feature to a NFS share! Read more to see how it's easy now to save your infrastructure from any catastrophic event.

Organized chaos: managing randomness

This post gives a bit of background on the Random Number Generator (RNG) in the recent MirageOS v2.5 release. First we give background about why RNGs are really critical for security. Then we try to clarify the often-confused concepts of "randomness" and "entropy", as used in this context. Finally, we explore the challenges of harvesting good-quality entropy in a unikernel environment. Playing dice Security software must play dice. It must do so to create secrets, for example. Secrets can then serve as the keys that protect communication, like the Diffie-Hellman key exchanged between two TLS endpoints. Proof of the knowledge of a particular secret...

New Hyper Open Source Project Allows Developers To Leverage Docker and Xen Virtualization Infrastructure

Docker’s popularity and usefulness in cloud systems architectures is evident, having won over countless developers. Yet, it’s not a replacement for mature, proven and security-hardened virtualization technologies that support many of the world’s largest clouds in production. So, while developers clearly want to take advantage of container technology to easily package applications, they also need a […]

Dundee Alpha 2 Released

I am pleased to announce that today we have made available the second alpha build for XenServer Dundee. For those of you who missed the first alpha, it was focused entirely on the move to CentOS 7 for dom0. This important operational change is one long time XenServer users and those who have written management tooling for XenServer should be aware of throughout the Dundee development cycle. At the time of Alpha 1, no mention was made for feature changes, and with Alpha 2 we're going to talk about some features. So here are some of the important items to...

The Bare-Metal Hypervisor as a Platform for Innovation

In this industry, everyone seems to talk about innovation, but very few platforms exist which foster innovation.  More times than not, “innovation” is simply a buzzword used by some marketing campaign to hawk something about as novel as twenty-year-old accounting software. Innovation does occur, of course.  But often real innovation leverages what already exists to […]

Backup your XenServer VMs with Xen Orchestra

The web tool for planning backups for your XenServer infrastructure.

Preview of XenServer Administrators Handbook

Administering any technology can be both fun and challenging at times. For many, the fun part is designing a new deployment while for others the hardware selection process, system configuration and tuning and actual deployment can be a rewarding part of being an SRE. Then the challenging stuff hits where the design and deployment become a real part of the everyday inner workings of your company and with it come upgrades, failures, and fixes. For example, you might need to figure out how to scale beyond the original design, deal with failed hardware or find ways to update an entire...

Easy HTTPS Unikernels with mirage-seal

Unikernels: HTTP -> HTTPS Building a static website is one of the better-supported user stories for MirageOS, but it currently results in an HTTP-only site, with no capability for TLS. Although there's been a great TLS stack available for a while now, it was a bit fiddly to assemble the pieces of TLS, Cohttp, and the MirageOS frontend tool in order to construct an HTTPS unikernel. With MirageOS 2.5, that's changed! Let's celebrate by building an HTTPS-serving unikernel of our very own. Prerequisites Get a Certificate To serve HTTPS, we'll need a certificate to present...