What is XCP-ng?

XCP-ng stands for Xen Cloud Platform – next generation. It is a turnkey distribution of the Xen Project Hypervisor relying mostly on the Xen Hypervisor and the Xen API project (XAPI). The project was born in 2018, following the fork of the open source Xen Server project (now Citrix Hypervisor).

The primary goal of XCP-ng is to deliver an easy way to deploy a VM based infrastructure using Xen as the hypervisor, and the powerful XAPI to deliver a turnkey, working out-of-the-box solution. XCP-ng is compatible with most x86 servers currently on the market.

XCP-ng is designed to satisfy the needs of infrastructure of all sizes: from homelab to datacenter. XCP-ng is running in many different types of configurations in production.

Introduction to XCP-ng

As a turnkey distribution of Xen, the easiest way to deploy XCP-ng is to use the ISO available on the project website.This is the portal for the XCP-ng developer team.

Getting Started

To install and test XCP-ng go to xcp-ng.org and follow the instructions in the installation guide. Github repositories are at github.com/xcp-ng, including a complete documentation set covering information about usage and development.

The project follows a standard GitHub workflow using GitHub issues, pull requests and wiki. Pull requests have to contain Signed-Off-by tags (see the Xen project’s contribution guide). Our developer forum and #xcp-ng-dev IRC channel is the place to go get started. Most of the important information about contribution are available on this page. Joining one (or all) of the community channel is also a good idea to share ideas with other developers and users.


Most components of XCP-ng are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL2). A number of components follow different licenses: more information can be found in this license file.