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This page lists documentation by your level of interest in the project.

News Sources

Our Wiki, the main Source for Documentation

The Xen Project Wiki is the primary source for documentation of the Xen Project software. Note that there is also related documentation in many Linux/Unix distributions and there are a host of tutorials published on 3rd party websites and blogs. The community strives to link to external information when we come across it to make it easier for YOU to find information about the Xen Project software.

Information in our wiki is organized through different indexes (also called categories). The following guide will help you navigate the wiki.

Note that documentation for XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor (as well as its deprecated sibling XCP) is not stored on the Xen Project Wiki. Documentation for XCP’s successor XCP-ng is stored on it’s own GitHub Wiki.

Contribute to the Wiki!

The Xen Project Wiki is open to everyone, however, we have been subject to spam attacks and put a simple procedure in place to grant access. Please follow the following instructions to create a wiki account with write access:

Team Documentation

Hypervisor Documentation

The Xen Project Hypervisor team generates man pages, support statements, feature specifications, interface documentation and some other documentation from the source tree. Source generated documentation can’t be found on Most documentation is organized by release

  • x.y-testing contains the documentation for the x,.y releases, and maintenance releases (e.g. 4.11-testing)
  • unstable contains the documentation for the unstable development tree
  • unstable-staging contains the documentation for the staging development tree

Over time, the documentation in the Xen tree has become rather unwieldy. We have created a new sphinx docset to help address this.

In addition, there are a number of test related resources:


The XCP-ng project has a complete documentation set and is open for contribution.

Other Teams

For other teams, please check the respective Team Portal for project specific documentation.

Search all Xen Project mailing lists using MarkMail (not secure):

All Xen Project mailing lists are archived using the MarkMail system at Often you will find an answer to a question by searching here!

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