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Xen Solution Search Tool – Design Review

By September 25, 2008March 4th, 2019Announcements, Releases

Xen Community:
I am getting ready to start development of the Xen Solution Search Tool that will be a part of the new site. This tool will allow customers to easily search and find a variety of solutions from companies and individuals providing services and products based on open source Xen. I am using the phpMyDirectory tool for this solution and wanted to provide the community with my thinking for feedback so I can deliver a service that meets everyone’s needs. A sample demo of the phpMyDirectoy tool is at The final solution will of course have the current look and feel but this demo site gives you a basic idea of the tool.
My current proposal is based on having users search on the home page of the tool on these categories:

  • Solution Type (Virtualization Provider, Xen Hosting Provider, Cloud Computing Provider, Consulting Firms, Consultants)
  • Company Name
  • Location (Country or “Global”)

Am I missing an important search criteria that you would expect? Do you agree with the solution type categories? I appreciate all responses as I start putting together this new tool to help Xen prospects find the solution they need based on open source Xen.
Thanks to Cyberneticos ( for hosting the solution on a Xen virtual machine for the community.