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Improving the Project Kronos pages

By December 16, 2011March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

We had a look at the documentation for Project Kronos, and decided that it needed some significant improvement, so there’s been a good deal of rewriting and restructuring.
You’ll now find a Project Kronos main page, with an introduction to the project, and a set of pages linked off it detailing the steps needed to go from a plain Debian or Ubuntu installation through to a working Xen + XCP implementation and working guest VMs.
We’ve also combined the documentation for Debian and Ubuntu into one set of instructions, noting differences where relevant.
Hopefully, this is going to make life much easier for people looking to try out XCP.
We’ve also tried to clarify the differences between the two ways of using XCP: as an ISO to install a complete system, or as a set of packages to set the XCP toolstack up as an addition to an existing Linux installation (as per Kronos).