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Announcing XCP 1.6 Beta Release

By October 1, 2012March 7th, 2019Uncategorized is happy to announce that XCP 1.6 Beta is available! The release is available from the download page:

This release supersedes the XCP 1.5 beta release. A few months ago, the XCP team decided to concentrate their efforts on fixing internal build system issues so that we could release new XCP versions more efficiently. We will be recommending that XCP 1.5 beta users upgrade to XCP 1.6 final when it is released.
New features and improvements
XCP 1.6 has many new features and improvements, most notably Storage XenMotion, improved integration with XenCenter, and massive VLAN scalability improvements. Please read the release notes for details.
Usage survey
For the first time, is asking XCP users to contribute to our usage survey. We want to know more about how and why people use XCP, so that we can continue to make it better. Upon clicking the “download” link, you will be taken to an optional survey page. You don’t have to take the survey if you don’t want to, but we highly encourage everyone to participate.
Test day
Because of the great feedback we got from the Xen 4.2 test days, we’re going to be having a test day specifically for the XCP 1.6 beta (also see test instructions). This test day is scheduled for Tuesday, 9 October. We will be making reminder announcements on the xen-api mailing list.
If you find any issues with XCP 1.6 beta, please report them on the xen-api mailing list with the subject line containing [XCP-1.6-BETA].
Release schedule
The release schedule for XCP 1.6 is as follows:

  • XCP 1.6 Beta release: 1 October
  • XCP 1.6 Beta test day: 9 October
  • XCP 1.6 Final release: 24 October

We will stick to the final release date as long as there are no critical bugs that can’t be fixed in time.