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Clang-format for Xen Coding Style Checking Scheduled

By September 22, 2021Announcements, Xen Summit

Xen Summit 2021: Clang-format for Xen Coding Style Checking 

Anastasiia Lukianenko, EPAM

At the moment there is no tool that would allow to format patches in Xen. The idea of Xen-checker is to use the clang-format approach as a base for Xen ‘checkpatch’ process. The new tool consists of modified .clang-format configuration file to automate Xen patches format checking and reformatting. The tool can be used as a pre-commit hook to check and format every patch automatically. Some features are missing in the clang configurator, so new clang-format options have been proposed for more flexible code formatting. Also, the purpose of the topic is to start the discussion about the existing rules for Xen code formatting to eliminate possible inaccuracies in the work of the Xen checker. This will make it easier to adhere to the unanimous decision. 

Check out the full replay here: 

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