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Xen Project Advisory Board

The Xen Project Advisory Board is comprised of companies who are committed to the market and technical success of the Xen Project. Member companies provide financial support, technical contributions, and set high-level policy decisions. The Xen Project Advisory Board's responsibilities include: a) Financial Oversight, such as budget management and investment decisions on infrastructure and project operations. b) Membership requirements, including annual membership fees. c) Steer the project to advance its market and technical success by raising awareness and garnering broader industry support for Xen through individual and collaborative efforts. d) Global policy decisions, including trademarks, compliance requirements, and test cases and infrastructure. The Xen Project Advisory Board is complementary to the role of committers and maintainers within the Xen Project, with both working closely together to ensure the overall priorities of the project are aligned. Committers and maintainers are responsible for technical development of the project, and are the final decision makers on code contributions to the Xen Project.