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Debconf 13

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I’ve recently returned from Debconf 13, in Vaumarcus in Switzerland. My colleague Ian Campbell joined me there. Debconf is the annual conference for contributors to Debian, with a few hundred…

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Schrödinger's Cat in a (Xen) Virtualzed 'Box'

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Yes, apparently Schrödinger’s cat is alive, as the latest release of Fedora — Fedora 19, codename Schrödinger’s cat– as been released on July 2nd, and that even happened quite on time. So, apparently, putting the cat “in a box” and all the stuff was way too easy, and that’s why we are bringing the challenge to the next level: do you dare putting Schrödinger’s cat “in a virtual box”?
In other words, do you dare install Fedora 19 within a Xen virtual machine? And if yes, how about doing that using Fedora 19 itself as Dom0?

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